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Waist Trainer Size Chart

There is nothing better than the right fit for you! This is a crucial step in ordering shapewear as the right size gets you the best results. Although it is tempting, please do not order a size smaller as it will be uncomfortable and you may not see maximum results. Please follow each chart closely and find the perfect size for you!



Products Include: standard waist cinchers, hook and closure waist trainer

Size guide specifically designed for our waist trainers that have hook closures. Use the size of your waist in inches to determine your correct size. If you do not know your waist size please check the next column and base your tag size on what size pants you wear. 


Tag Size Your Waist Size (Inches) Your Estimated Pants Size
XS 22-25 Inches 0-2
S 25-27 Inches 2-4
M 27-29 Inches 4-6
L 29-32 Inches 6-8
XL 32-34 Inches 8-10
2XL 34-36 Inches 10-12

36-38 Inches

4XL 38-41 Inches 14-18
5XL 41-44 Inches 18-22
6XL 44-46 Inches 22+




Products Include: body suits, dresses, and briefs/underwear

Our body suits are designed to fit more on the tighter side. The figure-hugging fabric design ensures maximum results to reach your goals. Please base the size on the inches on your waist as well as the inches of your hips. If you are unsure about what those measurements are you can base your Tag Size on your jean size (far right column). 



 Size Your Waist (Inches) Your Hips (Inches) Your Jean Size (Est.)
S 26-28.3 35.4-37.8 4-6
M 28.3-30.7 37.8-40.2 8-10
L 30.7-33.1 40.2-42.5 12-14
XL 33.1-36.2 42.5-44.9 16-18
2XL 36.2-38 44.9-47.2 18-20
3XL 38-40.2 47.2-49.6 20-22
4XL 40.2-42.5 49.6-52 22-24
5XL 42.5-45 52-55 24-26




Products Include: Waist Trainer Belts (zipper/velcro)


Waist Trainer belts sizing is different than typical shapewear. If you are planning on using your waist trainer belt for activity, nothing is more important than sizing because of constant movement. Use our custom sizing chart to find the perfect fit for your active lifestyle!


Size S M L  XL 2XL 3XL
Your Waist (Inches) 26-28.3" 28.3-30.7" 30.7-33.1" 33.1-36.2" 35.4-38" 38-42"


* If you are still unsure about your size just reach out to us via live chat or email. One of our experts will pick the perfect size according to your measurements!