Losing Extra Inches While Waist Training

Struggling to fit into your old jeans?  Don't fret, we have all been there! We all gain a few extra inches over our waist, whether it is after a wedding in the family or after a relaxing vacation. In this article we will give you some tips and tricks to lose those extra inches off your waist and go back to having a slim waistline. 

Build a stronger core

The key to having a strong body with higher muscle mass is having a strong core. Waist training helps you work on those abdominal muscles and achieve the defined abs that will give you a perfect body. 

Bodyweight training 

If you are new to waist training, we would highly recommend that you start slow and slowly increase your resistance. This is to train your muscles to withstand resistance. At first, when you do ab workouts start with your bodyweight and then slowly add weights. Start with low weights of one kilogram, two kilograms and so on. 


The importance of a good stretching routine cannot be emphasized enough. Pre and post workout stretch should be a part of your schedule every time you exercise. This will protect you from muscle injury and also give you a fun warm up routine. 

Do as many planks as you can

Planks are an amazing form of exercise. They pump your abdominal muscles and are excellent for your core. 

Healthy diet

While one can rave about the benefits of waist training and workouts, you cannot lose weight or achieve a slim waist without eating a well balanced and healthy diet.

To conclude, it is important to be disciplined both inside and outside the gym :)

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