Foods to Avoid

Dieting is the most important component of an individual’s weight loss journey. Some people complain that even though they spend hours exercising in the gym and even running on the treadmill, they fail to see any significant progress, i.e. they are not satisfied with their results. This is because they are not concentrating on eating a healthy diet. In this article we will bring your attention to a few food items and products that you must avoid at all costs to be successful in your weight loss journey. 

Sugary foods and desserts.

We know that it may be hard for you to resist your sugar cravings, especially if you have a sweet tooth. However, it is integral for you to realize that sugar is your biggest enemy. Excess sugar consumed by our body is stored as fat. While having a dessert once in a while is okay, you should try to cut down as much as possible. Try to develop a taste of having unsweetened tea and coffee. A single cup of iced coffee can have as much as 400 calories, and if you add whipped cream, viola! The calories can jump to 600 to 700. 

Processed foods

In today’s busy life, it is so much easier to run to the grocery store and grab a ready-to-eat tin of canned food. However, the hazards it has on your health is undeniable. The chemicals used in processed food, will halt your weight loss journey. Prepare your own meals with fresh, organic ingredients. 

Foods high in cholesterol

Cholesterol is high in foods like cheese, butter, lard, red meat and fatty fish. Excess cholesterol has adverse effects on your body and it also significantly increases your risk for heart disease and diabetes. 

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