In the West, shapewear and corsets enjoy considerable popularity and appeal to women in the rest of the world. Corsets and other shapewear like tummy-tucking underwear mainly target those women who would like to have a perfect hourglass figure for themselves.

There is a long history of corsets, with the first one being used in the Victorian age and later made of linen, cotton, or subtle material like satin wrapped around steel and cane and plastic boning. Corsets and other shapewear types have now evolved into stretchable and breathable ones and are also made of elastic.


Health risks related to shapewear

The body gets compressed with the shapewear and corsets, therefore, sculpting it into a particular shape. However, shapewear seems like something that every woman must-have in the drawer; it is essential to know that using shapewear may also have severe ramifications on your health. Keeping in mind the number of complications that shapewear can cause, you need to limit your use of shapewear and avoid its daily usage.

  • Affect blood circulation

When the waist gets constricted, the heart needs to exert more pressure while pumping blood, which may lead to palpitations. Nowadays, the shapewear fabrics are breathable and not very tight like the corsets, and therefore, may not be affecting blood circulation too much.


  • Hamper lung function

The lower lobes of your lungs get compressed by the corsets, & therefore, they are prevented from expanding completely during breathing. Thus, in the long term, this can hamper the functioning of the lungs.


  • Cause bloating

Food digestion gets hampered when the stomach is constricted, which may result in bloating and cause abdominal discomfort. It is just like the feeling you experience when you eat a heavy meal or wear tight jeans.


  • Affect digestion

Your stomach, colon, and intestine get compressed with shapewear. When pressure is exerted on the intestines, the food movement in the intestines may get restricted, and therefore, digestion can be affected. Acid reflux can be caused by the contraction of the stomach followed by heartburn.


  • It puts pressure on your bladder

When you wear some shapewear or a corset, it can cause inconvenience when going to the bathroom, and therefore, the majority of the women avoid it when they wear shapewear. This can increase the bladder's pressure, thus causing stress and incontinence, and might lead to leakage.

  • It makes you prone to infections

As shapewear is tight, therefore, it can trap moisture within it. This can offer a hospitable environment for a host of bacteria, leading to skin rashes and various other infections.


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