If you want full-coverage support from your shapewear, then the full body shaper might be right for you. The bodysuit can extend from the bottom of your bust all way down to the knees to offer firm compression for your waist, hips, tummy, back, and thighs. Its special strategic seams create the illusion of a classic hourglass figure shape, and with the built-in inner layer of microfiber, one can get a soft feel to the touch and guarantee comfortable all-day wear.


What is a bodysuit?

A bodysuit may be quite similar to a one-piece swimsuit or a leotard. It tends to cover your hips and torso and connects with the hooks or small snaps in the crotch. With this, you can easily open the bottom for bathroom trips without the need to take off the entire garment or put it over the head and then attach it underneath.

  • Covering bum

There are different types of bum coverage with bodysuits. It can have a thong, bikini, or other back in the panty portion. It's quite rare to see a bodysuit with a body short attached, and they may also be high cut up on the thigh.


  • Material

We can find bodysuits in any clothing material, which includes lace to the soft t-shirt material. These can have a plunging neckline or high neck, sheer or opaque, long sleeve or sleeveless. Some bodysuits are made of body-hugging material, but they are usually made from the same material throughout the garment.


  • Day & night

You can wear bodysuits day and night, and some can be worn in the daytime because of the style or material, while others can be fun for a night out or can be worn as lingerie.


Purpose of a bodysuit

Usually, the most practical reason to wear a bodysuit is to have a tucked-in top without worrying about it becoming untucked, the blouse material, or shifting. For fashion and practical reasons, it can stay tucked in and offers a seamless look.


Benefits of Wearing a bodysuit

  • One piece

Wearing a bodysuit can be relatively easy as it can be worn as a blouse or underwear in one. This can make it easy for somebody to throw on something over it, like jeans, a skirt, or anything else.




  • Seamless look

As the bodysuits stay tucked and attach underneath, therefore, they can remain smooth. Even if the top is tucked into the pants, it may still shift and bunch. A bodysuit always has a better chance of staying sleek and snug.


  • Coverage

Bodysuits can be great for wearing underneath a gown or a sheer blouse. These are skintight and stay out of the way without showing more than you would want to. You can think of it as a slip for your torso.


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