Correct sizing is a recurring message that you will find everywhere, and this can be the key to satisfying and comfortable shapewear. Right-sizing is among the advice offered to women at the start of their shapewear journey. As there are different brands and styles of shapewear, you need to work with a variety of size guides. Sometimes you are required to choose by the size of your dress, others may follow the M/L/XL range, or you may need to go by cm, inches, or even the size of the bra.


Myths about sizing

Whatever you buy, you mustn't fall into the trap of wearing a smaller dress size in the hope that compression can make you that dress size. It is likely to result in lumps and bumps in places where you would not like them to be.

It is always better to buy at your correct size and get a smooth silhouette. In the same way, you cannot go and buy the large one because you may get nervous about the discomfort. There is the right amount of stretch in the modern shapewear for you to remain comfortable in the garment made according to your measurements. If you go large, your garment may move or roll down.


Tips for measuring

  • Body

You have to make sure that you measure the good bits because it is easy to measure a bit too high or low with an accurate number. You need to measure the bust while wearing a supportive but non-padded bra. By bending slightly to the side, you can find your waist point and locate where your body creases.


  • Kit

You need to use a proper tape measure and make sure that it can sit flat on your body when measuring. You can get help if you need to, as it will be worth getting the right measurement. Use a string that may measure with a ruler if you don't have a measuring tape.


  • Dress size

Shapewear that focuses on the waists is usually sold with guidance to the dress size. When you hover between the dress sizes, you can go for the one that corresponds to your waist measurement.


  • Bra size

Any product that may involve a cup size, like a bodysuit or a corset, will use a bra size for your guidance. Therefore, you need to check your bra size before you choose.

  • Body shape

If you are using shapewear to alter or enhance your body shape, you must choose a style and a suitable size. This can be tricky, especially for women having an apple or pear-shaped body. The idea is to go by the measurement of the body part that is the focus of compression.


Shape My Waist knows the importance of correct sizing

At Shape My Waist, we know why you give importance to correct sizing for your shapewear. This is the reason why we link the size guidance tables on the products. This way, you can quickly work out what is right for you, and if you are not entirely sure, you can contact us quickly to help with your purchase.

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