If you are to buy a corset, then you must have thought about different types of corsets. You must know everything about overbust, underbust, and many more. Whether you like to invest in your first Corset or want to add one to your collection, it is well worth the extra effort to take time to understand the different corset types available. When you better understand different types of corsets, you can quickly determine which style can work best according to your needs.


Types of Corsets

The following are the main styles of corsets that you have to consider and how to wear these.

  • Underbust Corset

The clue is with the underbust Corset's name, as it sits just below the bust, and therefore, doesn't offer support to the breasts. Mostly the underbust is worn as supportive garments and reduces the size of the waist, but as a fashion statement, one can also wear them on top of clothing.

With the underbust Corset, you need to wear the right supportive bra, as this style can offer a good waist reduction to achieve an hourglass shape. It provides support to the back and can be helpful with posture. Versatility is the main advantage of this style, as you could invest in a simple straight underbust corset and wear it in different ways, both over and also under clothing.


  • Overbust Corset

This is known to be the most classic corset style and can generally be what you may think of. It can cover the bust and ends above the hips. While reducing the waistline, overbust corsets can lift the figure, and they also support the back.

One can wear overbust alone, under the clothing, or over it, which makes it the most versatile style of Corset. People can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans or fitted leather trousers for a night out or dress for creating a desirable hourglass figure.

There is a wide range of styles when we talk about the overbust. There are corset tops, an overbust style that can be worn as a top, or one can even style with trousers, jeans, or a skirt.


  • Waspie

A waspie is known to be a type of underbust Corset but is shorter in size. It has an extensive belt and sits around the torso to pull in your waist. People also consider waspies to be waist trainers, while these can be used to deliver much more permanent results for waist size reduction. Waspies are generally worn under clothing, but one can also wear them as a fashion piece over blouses, tops, and dresses.


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