5 Ab Workouts to Maximize Shapewear Benefits

5 Ab Workouts to Maximize Shapewear Benefits


At Shape My Waist, we understand that a balanced diet and regular exercise are imperative in the weight loss journey. Although our shapewear is highly effective in slimming down waistlines, so is exercise. Below are some ab workouts that break down tummy fat as well as slim and tone your waistline. We recommend doing 3 sets of each workout daily for best results.


  1. Bicycle Crunches


We know regular crunches can be mundane and boring. Bicycle crunches tone both sides or your stomach as well as provide a constant aerobic motion which breaks down fat.


Reps: 10 on each side or 20 total

  1. Reverse Crunches



In sticking with our unique crunches, this exercise is great for toning and trimming your waist. This exercise provides the perfect amount of strengthening/toning as well as trimming body fat.


Reps: 12


  1. Superman



This exercise is a great core strengthener. It also helps strengthen upper and lower back muscles and it works your glutes and hamstrings. This exercise is a great endurance workout. Try challenging yourself and holding for longer as you progress in your fitness journey.


Reps: Hold for a minute



  1. Heel Taps




Like the bicycle crunches, this ab workout is a great way to evenly tone both sides of your tummy. This is another workout that strengthens muscles, while trimming down unwanted fat.


Reps: 10 on each side or 20 total



  1. Plank and Side Plank






This OG core workout has stuck around for so long for good reason. Not only does it strengthen your abs, it also strengthens your entire body. This exercise will help you look great in your waist trainers and improve your posture.


Reps: 1 Minute hold on regular plank, 45 seconds on each side plank 

Remember to repeat 3 times daily for best results. Now get out there and train so maximize your shapewear!


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